Jun 13 2014

Honey Moon – Friday the 13th of June, 2014

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by Michelle Morin

While Iranian jihadists are turning Iraq into a hell on earth and while diseased illegals are crossing our southern borders in droves and throwing away our food…

… it’s temporarily time for something completely different…….

We won’t see another “honey moon” until 2098, and we haven’t had one in about 100 years, according to this article.

In case you missed it, here is what I was able to capture of our honey moon tonight:

honey moon 1 medium

honey moon 2 medium

honey moon 3 medium

honey moon 4 medium

honey moon 5 medium


Michelle Morin a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom (and occasional photographer of the moon) and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.

Jun 12 2014

Young Homeschool Student Wows Audience, Earns Scholarship to Hillsdale College

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 by Michelle Morin

homeschool kid in sweden

On April 28th I had the privilege of attending a Hillsdale College reception in Denver, Colorado.  Hillsdale President Dr. Larry P. Arnn was the keynote speaker who delivered “The Rebirth of Liberty and Learning” speech.

When Dr. Arnn fielded a question about American history, only one person in the audience of 800+ in attendance could answer him.  She was a 15-year-old homeschool student who wow’d the audience with her very specific knowledge and confident articulation of the answer.

Here’s how it went:

Dr. Arnn: In 1820, that’s the year of, I’m tempted to ask the prospective students what happened in that year.

Homeschool student:  The Missouri Compromise.

Dr. Arnn:  And what was that, do you want to tell us what that was?

Homeschool student:  It outlawed slavery above the 36 degree 30 minute line of latitude.

Dr. Arnn:  And what happened about Missouri and Maine?

Homeschool student:  They were together because Missouri was petitioning to enter the Union as a slave state.  But if it had been admitted as a state, there would have been 2 more Senators in the Senate for slavery, so the North wasn’t happy about that.  So Henry Clay wrote up the Missouri Compromise, and he wrote that Maine was going to join as a free state so the Senate could be balanced.

So impressed was Dr. Arnn with her that he offered this young lady a scholarship on the spot.  Her mother said she hoped others could know how that there really IS a viable answer to the frustrations of public school, and that her daughter was proof of it.  Thought I’d pass her encouraging words along to my friends.

Listen to the entire audio of Dr. Arnn’s speech, including the student’s answers, here, and slide your player’s time mark to begin at 6:50 to hear only the above narrative between Dr. Arnn and this student.


Michelle Morin a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.